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Yang Fudong | City light (Chengshi zhiguang) 2000 | Mini DV transferred to DVD: 6:40 minutes, colour, stereo, ed. 3/10 | The James C Sourris Collection. Purchased 2003 with funds from James C Sourris through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Yang Fudong ‘City light (Chengshi zhiguang)’ 2000

Yang Fudong is celebrated for the poetry of his moving-image works. His visual language draws from and pays tribute to Chinese literature, literati painting and folklore as well as pre- and post-Revolutionary film history.

Filmed in Shanghai a decade ago City light (Chengshi zhiguang) 2000 explores the rituals, rhythms and vicissitudes of contemporary life in a sprawling metropolis. Two actors are used to represent one office worker experiencing a rift between his public and private personas. Commenting on the relationship between memory, emotion and place, this short video also uses deadpan humour to capture a cyclical state of waking and sleeping, alienation and longing in urban life. The work’s title evokes a sense of possibility and playfulness in anonymous interactions, taking place in a city undergoing changes as rapid as they are profound.

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