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GoMA talks: What does a 21st Century art museum look like and who is it for?

Having once represented privilege and exclusion, the art museum has taken a remarkable turn in recent decades, giving way to the art museum as a site of multiple and diverse experiences – from spectacular and crowd-pleasing exuberance, to new interpretations created through technology, and opportunities for social engagement. What challenges are art museum directors and curators facing as they take part in shaping the art museum of the 21st century? Are artists changing the way they make works to fit with the expanding concept of the museum, or is the museum responding to artists’ innovations?

Guest panellists discuss what the art museum looks like, and stands for, in the 21st century.

Panellists: Tony Ellwood | Juliana Engberg | Callum Morton | Brian Ritchie

GoMA TALKS Design | What does a 21st Century art museum look like and who is it for? | Hosted by Janne Ryan, Producer, By Design

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