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What does a 21st Century art museum look like and who is it for?

Hosted by Janne Ryan, Producer, By Design

Having once represented privilege and exclusion, the art museum has taken a remarkable turn in recent decades, giving way to the art museum as a site of multiple and diverse experiences – from spectacular and crowd-pleasing exuberance, to new interpretations created through technology, and opportunities for social engagement. What challenges are art museum directors and curators facing as they take part in shaping the art museum of the 21st century? Are artists changing the way they make works to fit with the expanding concept of the museum, or is the museum responding to artists’ innovations?

Guest panellists discuss what the art museum looks like, and stands for, in the 21st century.

Janne Ryan (HOST)
Janne Ryan is an ideas curator. She produces the national design program By Design on ABC Radio National. Janne is executive producer of TEDxSydney, part of which will be broadcast on the ABC television and radio in May 2011. She is also architecture writer for The Australian newspaper’s WISH Magazine and co-produced the award winning ABC television series In The Mind of the Architect

Tony Ellwood
Tony Ellwood is Director of the Queensland Art Gallery’s two-campus facility that includes the Gallery of Modern Art, which opened in December 2006. Prior to taking up this position in June 2007, Tony was Deputy Director, International Art, at the National Gallery of Victoria, and held previous positions as Director of Bendigo Art Gallery and Aboriginal Art Coordinator at Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, Kununurra. Tony was on the selection committee for the 2003 and 2007 Venice Biennales.

Juliana Engberg
Juliana Engberg is Adjunct Professor in Architecture and Art at RMIT University and the Director of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) in Melbourne. She is also a curator, writer, publisher and designer who has been described by ArtForum magazine as ‘Australia’s most maverick and ambitious curator of contemporary art’.

Callum Morton
Callum Morton is a Melbourne-based artist known for his large-scale, architecturally inspired installations. Callum represented Australia at the 2007 Venice Biennale with Valhalla, a careful three-quarter scale reconstruction of the family home his architect father built in 1974, with a waiting surprise upon entering. In 2010, Callum presented his first large scale installation for children, Ghost World, at the Queensland Art Gallery Children’s Art Centre.

Brian Ritchie
Brian Ritchie is Curator at MONA FOMA – the Museum of Old and New Art Festival of Music and Art in Hobart, Tasmania. Brian’s love for music stems from his role as the bass guitarist for the alternative rock band the Violent Femmes. His role in developing the annual MONA FOMA festival includes promoting and showcasing the work of artists in a broad range of art forms, including sound, noise, dance, theatre, visual art, performance and new media.