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Emily Jacir | Where we come from (Habib) 2001–03 | Laser print on paper; Type C photograph on paper mounted on cintra | Laser print: 22.2 x 28.6 x 2.5cm (framed); Type C photograph: 30.5 x 22.9 x 2cm | Purchased 2006 | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Edward Said points out the troubling uncanniness of the Palestinian diaspora: to have been exiled by exiles.

“Edward Said points out the troubling uncanniness of the Palestinian diaspora: “to have been exiled by exiles.” What results is a mirroring frequently answered with aggressivity — to deny exile even to the exiled. For it produces a double displacement, not only of bodies from territories, but of stories from history, nations from narration. But is this not a repression that only continues the mimetic cycle, eliciting aggression in turn? Said notes, “It is as if the reconstructed Jewish collective experience, as represented by Israel and modern Zionism, could not tolerate another story of dispossession and loss to exist alongside it-an intolerance constantly reinforced by the Israeli hostility to the nationalism of the Palestinians, who for forty-six years have been painfully reassembling a national identity in exile.” The poignancy of Where We Come From is that it begins to tell the story of the Palestinian diaspora in a way both humanizing and tragic, so that an identification might take place outside of threat, an itinerant desire without hostility.”

T.J. Demos ‘Desire in Diaspora: Emily Jacir’ in art journal, Winter 2003, pp.68-78

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