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Copy of SLAG_ItsLikeThat_004991

Southern Ladies Animation Group (SLAG) | Australia est. 2001 | It’s like that 2003 | 35mm film mastered to Digital Betacam, transferred to DVD: 7:30 minutes, puppet, animation, colour, stereo | Gift of the Southern Ladies Animation Group 2010 | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Southern Ladies Animation Group (SLAG) ‘It’s like that’ 2003

The Southern Ladies Animation Group (SLAG) was formed in Melbourne in 2001 as a collective to support women working in animation. Comprising 13 members, the collective’s first project was a music video for SLAG member Sophie Raymond’s band ‘Sophie Raymond …


David Rosetzky | Untouchable 2003 | Three-channel video installation (Digital Betacam transferred to DVD): 18:38 minutes, colour, stereo, ed. 2/3 | 136 x 484 x 230.5cm (installed, variable) | Purchased 2005. The Queensland Government’s Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

David Rosetzky ‘Untouchable’ 2003

David Rosetzky works through a range of artistic modes, including contemporary design, fashion and portraiture, to scrutinise aspects of the contemporary condition as it plays out through issues about identity, in personal relationships, and through love and alienation. Rosetzky’s subjects …

21st Century: Art in the First Decade
installation process955

Installation view: Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane | Photography by Natasha Harth

Behind-the-scenes: Zhou Xiaohu ‘Utopian theatre’ 2006

Our workshop team have installed Zhou Xiaohu’s installation Utopian theatre 2006. In the work miniature clay figures enact history-making scenes that have been transmitted to the world through the media of television and the internet. Each is modelled as a miniature theatre or movie set and accompanied by a television monitor, showing the events in claymation.


Anastasia Klose | Film for my nanna 2006 | Digital video transferred to DVD: 5:32 minutes, colour, stereo / Music: ‘Castles in the air’, Don McLean (EMI) | Courtesy: The artist and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne

Anastasia Klose ‘Film for my nanna’ 2006

Anastasia Klose has established a reputation for her ‘aesthetic of the pathetic’, drawing on the painful or humorous moments in her life to make videos. Her work answers a challenge to make art from what is immediately available, whether ordinary …


Tony Schwensen | Rocking in the free world - Neil Young's passport 2008 | DV transferred to DVD: 62 minutes, colour, sound; ed. 1/4 | Purchased 2009. Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Tony Schwensen ‘Rocking in the free world – Neil Young’s passport’ 2008

Tony Schwensen is one of Australia’s foremost interdisciplinary artists and has made a long and distinguished series of performance works, often examining the underside of cultural life and notions of artistic value. In the work Hamburger Boygroup 2000 Schwensen is …