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Angela de la Cruz | Clutter bag (Orange) II 2004 | Oil on canvas, wood | 180 x 75 x 60cm | Gift of The Michael and Janet Buxton Collection through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation 2010. Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Angela de la Cruz ‘Clutter bag (Orange) II’ 2004

Angela de la Cruz’s iconoclastic art practice subjects paintings to violent and destructive processes. In an art-historical context, de la Cruz’s work might be understood in the tradition of monochrome painting which, at different times over the course of the …


Richard Bell | Bell’s Theorem (Trikky Dikky and friends) 2005 | Synthetic polymer paint on canvas | Five panels: 240 x 480cm (overall) | The James C Sourris Collection. Gift of James C Sourris through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation 2007 | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Richard Bell ‘Bell’s Theorem (Trikky Dikky and friends)’ 2005

Richard Bell creates work that interrogates the taboo issues at the interface between cultures in Australia and constantly challenges stereotyped ideas of Aboriginal culture and art. His 2003 Telstra NATSIAA winning painting, Scientia E Metaphysica (Bell’s Theorem), boldly states: ‘Aboriginal …


Brook Andrew | The Island V 2008 | Mixed media on Belgian linen, ed. 1/3 | 250 x 300 x 5cm | Purchased 2009 with funds from the Bequest of Grace Davies and Nell Davies through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Brook Andrew ‘The Island V’ 2008

Brook Andrew often reproduces historical imagery on a large scale, re-investigating the ways in which Australian Indigenous people have been represented in history. The Island V 2008 interrogates notions of Australia as a savage and romantic land by examining an …


Jorge Mendez Blake | Untitled 2010 | Paint on wall | 1100 x 850cm | Commissioned for ‘21st Century: Art in the First Decade’ | Courtesy: The artist and Messen de Clerq, Brussels

Jorge Mendez Blake ‘Untitled’ 2010

In his installations, wall drawings and objects, Jorge Méndez Blake navigates between literature, architecture and history. He has previously taken texts by Robert Louis Stevenson, Pablo Neruda, Arthur Conan Doyle, Franz Kafka, Karl Marx, Herman Melville and Jules Verne as …

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Thukral & Tagra | Morpheus (two pigeons) 2009 | Synthetic polymer paint and oil on canvas | 97 x 52cm (framed) | The Kenneth and Yasuko Myer Collection of Contemporary Asian Art. Purchased 2010 with funds from Michael Simcha Baevski through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Thukral & Tagra ‘Morpheus (two pigeons)’ 2009

Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra (Thukral & Tagra) offer a seductive and vibrant take on contemporary Indian society and culture. Thukral & Tagra’s refined aesthetic is applied to painting, sculpture and installation as well as graphics, interiors, fashion and product …