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Nigel Cooke | To work is to play (detail) 2008 | Oil on canvas | Purchased 2008 with funds from the Estate of Lawrence F King in memory of the late Mr and Mrs SW King through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

TO WORK IS TO PLAY by Nigel Cooke

As we know, the history of art is as much a story of groups, cliques and societies as it is of individual achievements. Many of these groups have shaped the way we understand whole eras of art, by harnessing the …


Camera/Editing: Ben Wickes

21st Century Artist Interview: Issac Julien

Isaac Julien is one of the most celebrated artist–filmmakers working with multi-channel video installations. He has developed a singular practice concerned with the transposition of film to spatialised installation and uses expert filmmaking and projection technologies to create new vocabularies for experiencing the moving image. In December 2010, Julien spoke with José Da Silva, Senior Curator, Australian Cinémathèque about his major installation WESTERN UNION: Small Boats 2007 featured in the ‘21st Century: Art in the First Decade’ exhibition. WESTERN UNION: Small Boats is the final work in a trilogy exploring themes of physical and spiritual expeditions that began with True North 2004 and Fantôme Afrique 2005. In each of these works, Julien utilises dual narratives and multiple perspectives across an arrangement of screens to chart the movement of bodies from one place to another, reflecting geographic and environmental journeys that are connected with the experiences of migration in a contemporary world.


Nothing is ordinary 2006 | Bindi, cardboard, mirror and MDF board | First commissioned by the Children’s Art Centre for ‘The 5th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art’ 2006 | Courtesy: The artist and the Queensland Art Gallery | Supported by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation 2010

21st Century Kids: Bharti Kher ‘Nothing is ordinary’ 2006

In India, the bindi is traditionally a symbolic mark of pigment applied to the forehead. Today it has become a fashionable and decorative accessory available in many colours and designs, and is used by Indian artist Bharti Kher in some of her art works. Children can wear one of the artist’s specially designed bindis and everyone will know they’ve been to ’21st Century Kids’.


Mitra Tabrizian | City, London 2008 | Type C photograph | 122 x 250cm | Purchased 2010 with a special allocation from the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Mitra Tabrizian ‘City, London’ 2008

Mitra Tabrizian’s large-format photographs combine techniques from documentary photography and highly stylised mise en scene to capture her subjects and settings with meticulous attention to detail and lighting. In City, London 2008, Tabrizian invited the senior staff of JP Morgan …


Chris Ofili | Triple Eye Vision 2000–02 | Synthetic polymer paint, oil paint, paper collage, glitter, polyester resin, map pins and elephant dung on linen, with two elephant dung supports | 243.8 x 182.8cm | Private collection, Melbourne

Chris Ofili ‘Triple Eye Vision’ 2000–02

Chris Ofili’s paintings, watercolours, and assemblages came to broad attention in the 1990s and he has continued to paint and sculpt works that reflect on black culture and its portrayal. Early works featured characters from B-grade ‘blaxploitation’ films and funk, …