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HU Yang | Shanghai living (series) 2004-05 | Type C photograph on paper | Purchased 2006. The Queensland Government's Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund

Hu Yang ‘Shanghai living project’ 2004-05

With the economic reforms of the 1990s, the Chinese city of Shanghai was transformed from a ‘socialist state-planned economy’ to a ‘socialist market economy’. Over 3000 skyscrapers were constructed as millions of square metres of old housing was dismantled and …


Zhou Xiaohu | Utopian theatre 2006 | 11-channel video, fired clay and mixed media installation | 189.5 x 456cm (diam.) (installed) | Purchased 2007. The Queensland Government’s Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Zhou Xiaohu ‘Utopian theatre’ 2006

Zhou Xiaohu’s videos, animations, sculpture and paintings engage with politics, mass media and consumer culture. While embracing technology in his work, Zhou also comments on its malign manifestations. In Utopian theatre 2006, miniature clay figures enact history-making scenes that have …


Yang Fudong | City light (Chengshi zhiguang) 2000 | Mini DV transferred to DVD: 6:40 minutes, colour, stereo, ed. 3/10 | The James C Sourris Collection. Purchased 2003 with funds from James C Sourris through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Yang Fudong ‘City light (Chengshi zhiguang)’ 2000

Yang Fudong is celebrated for the poetry of his moving-image works. His visual language draws from and pays tribute to Chinese literature, literati painting and folklore as well as pre- and post-Revolutionary film history. Filmed in Shanghai a decade ago …

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Wang Qingsong | China Red 2008–09 (detail) | Ink and synthetic polymer paint on paper | 1300 sheets in two sizes: 73 x 100cm or 78 x 109cm | Gift of the artist through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation 2009 | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Wang Qingsong ‘China Red’ 2008–09

Wang Qingsong’s art comments on the consumer merchandise and commercial imagery that has flooded the Chinese market over the past two decades. In the late 1990s, Wang gained notoriety as a proponent of ‘gaudy art’, a term coined by the …


Xu Zhen’s Shanghai-based art agency MadeIn Ltd

In 2009 Xu Zhen created the art company MadeIn Ltd. The artist from Shanghai now curates art projects developed by a group of young Shanghaiese artists.