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Artist Website: Martin Creed

The work of Glaswegian conceptual artist Martin Creed is characterised by a gentle but subversive wit and by a minimalism rooted in an instinctive anti-materialism. His often extremely self-effacing works, all titled by number, have been characterised as ‘attempts to short-circuit the visually overloaded, choice saturated culture in which we live’. Creed’s official website provides a comprehensive overview of his gallery-based practice, as well as his work with music, performance and film. You can also purchase Creed’s unlimited edition work ‘Work No. 88: A sheet of A4 paper crumpled into a ball’ 2008 for £150.00. Enter through the wardrobe: www.martincreed.com


Artist Website: Justine Cooper

Justine Cooper is an internationally recognised for her photography, animations, videos and installation. She is fascinated by the intersections of science and art and by the relationships between science and society as a whole. Visit Cooper’s website for an overview of her gallery-based and online projects since 1998.


Artist Website: Edward Ruscha

Edward Ruscha is recognised as one of the most significant American artists of the late twentieth century. His official website provides an exhaustive archive of his practice, reflecting a projected seven-volume Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings that will document his entire painting corpus from 1958 to the present. Currently the project features information and documentation up to 1992.

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Artist Website: Olafur Eliasson

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson retains a strong connection to Iceland, whose dramatic landscape and climate has been an important source of inspiration for his interdisciplinary practice. Eliasson’s website has a comprehensive survey of his installations, photographs, sculptures, and architectural projects to date, as well as an extensive archive of articles, essays and material focusing on the research processes at Studio Olafur Eliasson.

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Artist Website: Spencer Finch

American artist Spencer Finch explores the peculiarities of human perception. He brings a poetic sensibility and a rigorous scientific approach to a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, photography and installation. Visit www.spencerfinch.com for a comprehensive overview of his practice.