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GoMA Talks: Who are we in the world of web 2.0?

GoMA Talks is a series of panel discussions at the Gallery of Modern Art as part of the ’21st Century: Art in the First Decade’ exhibition. Each event engages with specific issues that have defined the first decade of the 21st Century with a range of panellists, including presenters from ABC Radio National and visiting guests from a range of fields and disciplines.

Watch the webcast from the first GoMA Talks presented on Thursday 17 February 2011.

GoMA TALKS Communication | Who are we in the world of Web 2.0?
Hosted by Antony Funnell, Future Tense

The flock of interactive capabilities born from the ‘second generation’ of the World Wide Web, which has been termed Web 2.0, include social networking sites, blogging, video sharing and wikis. Our engagement with this user-generated content has transformed the Web into an infinite source of knowledge and interaction, but have these recent forms of virtual communication increased our access to others and created an online community or has it only lessened our ability to seek and filter information?

Blade Runner1030

Production still from Blade Runner 1982 / Director: Ridley Scott / 35mm, colour, Dolby, 117 minutes, USA/Hong Kong, English/German/Cantonese/Japanese/Hungarian (English subtitles) / Image courtesy: British Film Institute, Blade Runner Partnership

YOU ARE THERE by Andrew Frost

Science fiction explores narratives about the human condition in speculative settings. Sometimes those settings are the notional future, other times they are our own time made strange by provocative alterations. As a genre, the narratives of SF have a unique …


Production still from 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 / Director: Stanley Kubrick / 35mm, colour, Dts, 141 minutes, UK/USA, English/Russian (English subtitles) / Image courtesy: British Film Institute, Roadshow Non-Theatrical


Browsing through the film program ‘A New Tomorrow: Visions of The Future in The Cinema’ at the Gallery’s Australian Cinémathèque, it’s interesting to note how this sequence of films charts the rise and fall and rise again of particular themes …