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Louise Weaver | Phoenix, Indian Blue Peacock 2008–09 | Hand crocheted lambswool, cotton thread and plastic over taxidermied Indian Blue Peacock (naco cristatus), jute string | Bird: 193 x 96 x 28cm; base: 95 x 45 x 45cm | Purchased 2010 with a special allocation from the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Louise Weaver ‘Phoenix, Indian Blue Peacock’ 2008–09

Louise Weaver’s sculptures engage with representation, evolution and metamorphosis. Her painstakingly crafted menagerie re-imagines taxidermy models in decorative ‘skins’ created with crochet, appliqué and weaving. This process of fantastic reinvention is transformative, and illustrates Weaver’s ongoing interest in the perceived …

21st Century: Art in the First Decade
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Installation view: Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane | Photography by Natasha Harth

Behind-the-scenes: Wang Qingsong ‘China Red’ 2008–09

The installation process of Wang Qingsong’s China Red 2008–09 is now complete. The major installation of billboard posters were painted by Wang using traditional brush-and-ink as well as felt-tip pen, and feature a random selection of slogans and brand names promoting everything from multinational companies to domestic services.


Angela de la Cruz’s iconoclastic approach to the history of painting turns a repertoire of destructive acts into a creative process… The artist’s violent and potentially cathartic practice may also be interpreted as a contemporary reworking (and, possibly, reclaiming) of the machismo of action painting. Even when these works leave the wall, and indeed their stretchers, they remain integrally connected to painterly tradition. They feed off each other (many works combine the elements of previously separate canvases) but also from the lineage of painters and paintings that have come before them.

Kelly Gellatly on Angela de la Cruz for ‘Soft Sculpture’, National Gallery of Australia, 2009.

21C Art in the First Decade
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Installation view: Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane | Photography by Natasha Harth

Behind-the-scenes: Arlo Mountford ‘The Folly’ 2007-09

Arlo Mountford’s three-channel animated video work The Folly 2007-09 has been installed in the Gallery of Modern Art’s Media Gallery. In the work Mountford animates three paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder: The hunters in the snow 1565, The harvesters 1565 and Landscape with the fall of Icarus c.1558. Mountford set in motion the action implied in each painting, which occurs successively as the soundtrack leads the viewer’s attention from one animation to the next.


I think it is a slightly distorted travelogue. But at the same time, there is a question of desire, and perhaps thinking about a kind of difficulty of space and movement for certain types of bodies or certain groups. I think in my filming I am always looking at how landscape can transgress space… WESTERN UNION: small boats is also a project about location and dislocation. It is not only about bodies, but also about spaces and who has the right to be in certain spaces. In that sense it is an exploration of space and the politics of space.

“I am putting the fire underneath people”. Isaac Julien in conversation with Katarzyna Bojarska, Obieg, Warsaw, April 2009.