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Copy of SLAG_ItsLikeThat_004

Southern Ladies Animation Group (SLAG) | Australia est. 2001 | It’s like that 2003 | 35mm film mastered to Digital Betacam, transferred to DVD: 7:30 minutes, puppet, animation, colour, stereo | Gift of the Southern Ladies Animation Group 2010 | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Southern Ladies Animation Group (SLAG) ‘It’s like that’ 2003

The Southern Ladies Animation Group (SLAG) was formed in Melbourne in 2001 as a collective to support women working in animation. Comprising 13 members, the collective’s first project was a music video for SLAG member Sophie Raymond’s band ‘Sophie Raymond & the Fat Chops’. The SLAG members use a variety of animation techniques including stop motion puppet animation, hand drawn line animation and computer animation.

It’s Like That 2003, the group’s second project, addresses the mandatory detention regulations first introduced in Australia in May 1992 under the Migration Act 1958 – one of the most debated political issues in Australia over the course of the past decade.

The Southern Ladies Animation Group (SLAG) are Louise Craddock, Susan Earl, Sally Gross, Emma Kelly, Katherine Mew, Nicole McKinnon, Elizabeth McLennan, Sharon Parker, Dell Stewart, Sophie Raymond, Yuki Wada, Justine Wallace and Diana Ward.

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