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Shaun GLADWELL | Storm sequence | 2000

Shaun Gladwell | Storm Sequence 2000 (still) | Digital video, Edition of 4 | Videoraphy: Techa Noble | Original Soundtrack: Kazumuchi Grime | Courtesy the artist & Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney | Image © Shaun Gladwell

Shaun Gladwell ‘Storm Sequence’ 2000

‘Filmed on a concrete shelf overlooking the ocean, it shows the artist messing about on his skateboard, performing a sequence of repeated movements played back in slight slow motion. The effect is hypnotic, and utterly compelling in its rhythmic elegance. The references are as much nineteenth century romanticism as street-cult. Gladwell trained as a painter and his films reveal this interest. In Storm Sequence he’s the lone figure in the landscape, a sort of Casper David Friedrich foregrounding the rising mist. The image itself is painterly too – the sky and waves in the background are a uniform hazy grey, and drops of rain accrete slowly on the camera lens. But then rather than contemplating the sublimity of nature, Gladwell engages only with himself, seemingly oblivious to the looming storm.’

Maria Bilske, ‘Shaun Gladwell: Silent, ambient + harder remixes’, Broadsheet, vol. 32, no. 3, September–November 2003.

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