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Rivane Neuenschwander | Contingent 2008 | Digital Betacam, DVD and QuickTime file on media player: 10:30 minutes, colour, silent ed. 2/8 | Purchased 2008. Queensland Art Gallery Foundation

Rivane Neuenschwander ‘Contingent’ 2008

Rivane Neuenchwander’s Contingent 2008 recalls the didactic videos screened by natural history museums. Using time-lapse photography, the film deconstructs the formation of the continents by allowing nature’s wilful course to unfold. A map of the world, rendered in honey, is gradually consumed by an army of tiny ants. Landmasses shrink to islands, isolated from their previously contiguous bodies. The whole is reduced to parts, and the system of the seven continents is reformed into a strange new alignment.

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