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Martin Creed | Work No. 965: Half the air in a given space (purple) 2008 | Purple balloons | Variable dimensions | Courtesy of the artist and Hauser&Wirth, Zurich/London | © Martin Creed | Installation view at Gallery SUN contemporary, Seoul | Image courtesy: SAMUSO, Seoul | Photograph: Myoung-Rae Park

Martin Creed ‘Work No. 965: Half the air in a given space (purple)’ 2008

Martin Creed’s Work No. 965: Half the air in a given space (purple) 2008 was first presented at SUN Contemporary, Seoul for the 2008 Platform exhibition.

‘In the work, Creed divides the space into two balanced proportions of “free floating” and “held-in balloons” air. Here, the balloon functions as a synonym for materialised air, touchable as well as visible. Creed makes half of the air visible then conceals the existing structure, in effect imparting a new sense of space to visitors. Visitors can sense the surrounding air around them which they have never noticed before. The playful installation can also remind viewers of the pure joy they felt from childhood games involving floating and dancing balloons.’ SUN Contemporary, Seoul

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