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Junebum Park | 1 Parking 2001-02 | DVD: 5:25 minutes, colour, stereo, ed. 14/20 | Purchased 2007. The Queensland Government's Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund

Junebum Park ‘1 Parking’ 2001-02

Junebum Park’s video works marry traditional ideas of theatre with contemporary concepts of space and illusion. Everyday scenes such as parking a car or crossing the road are animated by Park’s hands, twisting the familiar optical relationship between viewer and object. This distortion of perspective and spatial depth recalls the illusory devices employed in Japanese Bunraku performance, skilfully reworked in these vignettes. In 1 Parking, the human traffic and potential chaos in a car park appears to be guided from above by Park’s hands. This comical distortion of urban life is further referenced in The Advertisement, in which a commercial building is bombarded with advertising paraphernalia: logos are replaced one after the other in a frenzied photo-collage until the windows are entirely obscured. In creating an illusion of movement through repetition, Park creates an environment that is in constant flux. In Puzzle III, Park’s hands become invisible, and the nature of play so prominent in previous works is more formally addressed through a carefully studied method of observation. As a group, the works playfully highlight how social order and control is imposed by our interaction with everyday objects, signs and rituals.

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