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Julian Opie | People walking. Coloured 2008 | Light-emitting-diode (LED) (Barco), wall mounted | 323.2 x 148.4 x 25.8cm | Purchased 2009 with funds from the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Julian Opie ‘People walking. Coloured’ 2008

Julian Opie is renowned for his highly simplified and effective visual language. Paradoxically, while his works employ a high degree of abstraction and abbreviation to produce a figurative image, they often retain a strong connection to their actual subjects. In discussing his processes, Opie has commented that ‘my work isn’t about pairing things down but about starting from something simple and building the image up until I achieve a kind of singularity’. People walking. Coloured 2008 is extremely restrained in its use of pictorial information; each figure is faceless and dressed in a generic outfit suggestive of an affluent, contemporary city street, and has a gait and posture with unique and strangely lifelike qualities despite the minimal elements used in their depiction. People walking. Coloured flows across the screen in a mesmeric rhythm, with no discernable beginning or end.

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