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Gabriel Orozco | Double tail 2003 | Polyurethane foam | 99.1 x 152.4 x 99.1cm | Purchased 2004 with funds from an anonymous donor through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Gabriel Orozco ‘Double tail’ 2003

Gabriel Orozco uses photography, video, installation, drawing and sculpture to examine actions and forms that fall between philosophy, science, history and art. Extensive travel since the early 1990s informs Orozco’s work, and much of his wide-ranging practice blurs the boundaries between the everyday flow of life and the formalised categories of art. Bridging the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Orozco draws on the legacy of Modernism as much as it engages with the present. Double tail 2003 continues his interest in physical and natural phenomena. Using expanding polyurethane foam, which is both fragile and deceptively solid as a sculptural mass, Orozco has fashioned a suspended object that articulates space and generates visual tensions between gravity and mass, flatness and three-dimensionality, surface and form. This manipulation creates further ambiguities: the forms resemble fossils, bones or skeletal structures on the one hand and a futuristic, aquatic or aerodynamic object on the other. As with much of his work, the finished result simultaneously refers to the materials and processes of its construction while transcending these as creations of startling beauty and simplicity.

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