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Decolonizing Architecture 
The book of migration 
Courtesy: the artists

decolonizing.ps | est. 2007 | Alessandro Petti, Sandi Hilal, Eyal Weizman | The Book of Migration (detail) 2009 | Colour prints | Book Design: Diego Segatto (OpenQuadra | Photos: Francesco Mattuzzi | Photomontage: Sara Pellegrini | Special thanks to Palestine Wildlife Society | Courtesy: The artists

decolonizing.ps ‘The Book of Migration’ 2009

The proposal by decolonising.ps for the site, intervening in the struggle for the hilltop, is a ‘project for obsolescence’ to accelerate the decay of the existing infrastructure and to return the hilltop to nature. This includes making perforations in walls to provide nesting sites for birds. Legally, they are making a claim for the site against the military’s civil administration and settler organisations, not on behalf of people but on behalf of the birds and the ecology of the area. The photographs, architectural models and drawings in The Book of Migration are also documents in a legal strategy; the project points out that legal proceedings involving animals have been known in Europe since the Middle Ages, when animals were held accountable for damage they caused and sometimes condemned to be hanged. The Israeli military remains undecided as to how to respond to such a challenge.

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