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Decolonizing Architecture 
The book of migration 
Courtesy: the artists

decolonizing.ps | est. 2007 | Alessandro Petti, Sandi Hilal, Eyal Weizman | The Book of Migration (detail) 2009 | Colour prints | Book Design: Diego Segatto (OpenQuadra | Photos: Francesco Mattuzzi | Photomontage: Sara Pellegrini | Special thanks to Palestine Wildlife Society | Courtesy: The artists

decolonizing.ps ‘The Book of Migration’ 2009

The collaborative project decolonizing.ps intertwines art, architecture, politics and ecology to envision new possibilities for the structures of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Their output can take the form of plans, maps, data or published documents, as well as physical interventions in built structures. Their work has been characterised by its integrity, rigour, and combination of conceptual precision and political engagement.

The Book of Migration 2009 highlights a contested site near Bethlehem. Evacuated by the Israeli army in 2006, the hilltop fortress of Oush Grab is an important refuge on the migration routes between Europe and Africa for over five hundred million birds. Twice a year, tens of thousands of birds land there and draw to the site a micro-ecology of predators and other wildlife. Since the evacuation, Oush Grab has seen confrontations between settlers, the Israeli military and Palestinian organisations; access to the summit is denied as it commands a view of the approach road to a new settlement.

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