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David Rosetzky | Untouchable 2003 | Three-channel video installation (Digital Betacam transferred to DVD): 18:38 minutes, colour, stereo, ed. 2/3 | 136 x 484 x 230.5cm (installed, variable) | Purchased 2005. The Queensland Government’s Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

David Rosetzky ‘Untouchable’ 2003

David Rosetzky works through a range of artistic modes, including contemporary design, fashion and portraiture, to scrutinise aspects of the contemporary condition as it plays out through issues about identity, in personal relationships, and through love and alienation. Rosetzky’s subjects often appear in chic minimal settings or among the latest designer furniture, and they negotiate worlds that are familiar and intimate yet also oddly estranged.

In Untouchable, a small cast of characters enacts scenes in which they divulge intimate confessions and anxieties – mini-narratives with the stylised emotional feel of soap opera. It becomes apparent, however, that the monologues swap between the various participants, calling into question both the origins of the stories and the identities of the characters.

Rosetzky’s video installations renegotiate the conventional boundaries between subjects and viewers. In Untouchable, the three video screens appear like windows set into a contemporary ‘retro’ house, so that viewers are placed both as observers and confidantes within these ‘real-life’ dramas.

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