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Uncle Boonmee 031132

Production still from Loong Boonmee raleuk chat (Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives) 2010 / Super 16 Transferred to 35mm, colour, Dolby SR, 114 minutes, Thailand/UK/France/Germany/Spain/The Netherlands, Thai (English Subtitles) / Director: Apichatpong Weerasethakul / Screening in the ‘21st Century’ film program Unseen: New Cinema in the 21st Century.

WILDER, WIDER AND DEEPER by Gridthiya Gaweewong

Thailand’s political colour wars made headlines last April and May and they are still going on. The conflicts pit the yellow shirts – royalist, conservative, pro-government, urban middle class – against the red shirts – supporters of ousted premier Thaksin …


Mitra Tabrizian | Untitled 2009, printed 2010 | Type C photograph on paper | ed. 1/5
126.9 x 296cm | Purchased 2010 with a special allocation from the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation

DESPERATE SLOGANS by Barbad Golshiri

If an earthquake comes with crumbling mountains and blooming bombs, what will remain of Iranian contemporary art – though today I cannot acknowledge anything Iranian about art? What if just one trend, both known to scholars and schoolchildren, were salvaged …


Richard Bell | Bell’s Theorem (Trikky Dikky and friends) 2005 | Synthetic polymer paint on canvas | Five panels: 240 x 480cm (overall) | The James C Sourris Collection. Gift of James C Sourris through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation 2007 | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery


In 1990, the Internet was still relatively removed from the public consciousness. The first commercial dial-up ISPs were just appearing in the US, and the World Wide Web had another year to go before its formal debut in 1991. Now, …

Blade Runner1030

Production still from Blade Runner 1982 / Director: Ridley Scott / 35mm, colour, Dolby, 117 minutes, USA/Hong Kong, English/German/Cantonese/Japanese/Hungarian (English subtitles) / Image courtesy: British Film Institute, Blade Runner Partnership

YOU ARE THERE by Andrew Frost

Science fiction explores narratives about the human condition in speculative settings. Sometimes those settings are the notional future, other times they are our own time made strange by provocative alterations. As a genre, the narratives of SF have a unique …


Production still from 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 / Director: Stanley Kubrick / 35mm, colour, Dts, 141 minutes, UK/USA, English/Russian (English subtitles) / Image courtesy: British Film Institute, Roadshow Non-Theatrical


Browsing through the film program ‘A New Tomorrow: Visions of The Future in The Cinema’ at the Gallery’s Australian Cinémathèque, it’s interesting to note how this sequence of films charts the rise and fall and rise again of particular themes …