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21st Century: Art in the First Decade
installation process

Installation view: Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane | Photography by Natasha Harth

Behind-the-scenes: Yayoi Kusama ‘Narcissus garden’ 1966/2002

Gallery staff are currently unwrapping and polishing individual mirror balls for Yayoi Kusama’s Narcissus garden 1966/2002. Kusama’s installation of stainless steel balls first appeared at the Venice Biennale in 1966 when Kusama, although uninvited, installed 1500 plastic reflective balls on the grass outside the Italian Pavilion. The present version of this work was conceived especially for the 2002 Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. Reflecting each other and their onlookers, the mirror balls create an infinitely recurring web in which the surrounding visible world is trapped and perpetuated.

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