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_MG_033 shrif waked  photographer eyal landesman

Saleh Bakri and crew on the set of Sharif Waked's To be continued... 2009 | Image courtesy: the artist.

Behind-the-scenes: Sharif Waked ‘To be continued’ 2009

The specific backdrop used in Sharif Waked’s video draws from the colour and design of the Syrian national flag which incorporates the shahadah, or Islamic declaration of faith, in white Thuluth script accompanied by the symbol of a sword. In Waked’s backdrop – a perversion of nationalist and religious discourse – two white Kalashnikov rifles flank Arabic script reading “work hard” and “fighting for God”. The reception of Waked’s protagonist is further complicated by recognition that the actor performing the role of the suicide bomber is played by celebrated Palestinian actor Saleh Bakri. Bakri is known throughout the Arab world as the son of senior Palestinian actor Mohammad Bakri and has in recent years become a poster boy for both Arabic and Israeli cinema.

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