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Artist Website: The Atlas Group

The Atlas Group was a project established in 1999 to research and document the contemporary history of Lebanon. They produced and found several documents including notebooks, films, videotapes, photographs and other objects and presented this material in installations, screening, essays and lectures/performances. Visit the archives at www.theatlasgroup.org

“In different places and at different times I have called the Atlas Group an imaginary foundation, a foundation I established in 1976 and a foundation established in 1976 by Maha Traboulsi. In Lebanon in 1999, I stated, “The Atlas Group is a nonprofit foundation established in Beirut in 1967.” In New York in 2000 and in Beirut in 2002, I stated, “The Atlas Group is an imaginary foundation that I established in 1999.” I say different things at different times and in different places according to personal, historical, cultural, and political considerations with regard to the geographical location and my personal and professional relation with the audience and how much they know about the political, economic, and cultural histories of Lebanon, the wars in Lebanon, the Middle East, and contemporary art.”

Walid Raad interviewed by Alan Gilbert in BOMB, Issue #81, Fall 2002.

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