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Arlo Mountford | The Folly 2007-09 | Three-channel digital animation with four-channel audio (uncompressed AVI file and uncompressed WAV file on hard drive): 9:00 minutes, colour, sound | Purchased 2009. The Queensland Government's Queensland Art Gallery Acquisitions Fund | Image courtesy the artist and GRANTPIRRIE

Arlo Mountford on lightheartedness and architecture

Naomi Cass: What do you mean by folly in the title?

Arlo Mountford: Folly means fun, lightheartedness and slightly foolish, but I was also thinking of its other meaning as an architectural object. Last year while travelling in Britain I visited a few follies, usually non-functional towers on the top of hills, built by noblemen to employ local townsfolk. This work reminded me of a folly in a historical sense and I saw the work as functioning as a decorative space, similar to a folly. Like a useless decorative architectural object, The Folly doesn’t do anything for you – it is designed to give pleasure.

Arlo Mountford in conversation with Naomi Cass, ‘Artists as Higher Lifer’ in Flash, Centre for Contemporary Photography, June 2009.

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