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Anastasia Klose | Film for my nanna 2006 | Digital video transferred to DVD: 5:32 minutes, colour, stereo / Music: ‘Castles in the air’, Don McLean (EMI) | Courtesy: The artist and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne

Anastasia Klose ‘Film for my nanna’ 2006

Anastasia Klose has established a reputation for her ‘aesthetic of the pathetic’, drawing on the painful or humorous moments in her life to make videos. Her work answers a challenge to make art from what is immediately available, whether ordinary experiences – such as boredom, loneliness or unrequited love – or inexpensive resources such as a cheap camera, basic editing software and popular songs.

This approach aligns Klose’s work with the culture of self exposure that has emerged through both reality television and internet sites such as YouTube, where private individuals submit their home-made videos for public view.

Klose made Film for my Nanna 2006 in response to a question from her grandmother about her marriage prospects. A roughly-made sign reading ‘Nanna, I’m still alone’ was a last-minute addition to the bridal outfit but its poignant message gives the work its charge. The artist has said that her videos often rest on a sentence or phrase in this way, describing it in pop music terms as the ‘hook’ in her work. Klose also regularly uses songs as her soundtracks, in this instance Don McLean’s ‘Castles in the Air’.

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