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Aernout Mik | Pulverous 2003 (still) | Three-channel video installation on video server: 23:27 minutes (looped), colour, silent on rear projection screen embedded into temporary wall Purchased 2005. The Queensland Government’s Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Aernout Mik ‘Pulverous’ 2003

Aernout Mik’s practice is a hybrid of architecture, performance and video. His work often shows moving images projected in specially constructed architectural settings. Through careful composition of the projected image within particular environments, Mik links the fictitious space of the image with the real, physical space of the viewer. Pulverous 2003 is a three-channel video installation that was inspired in part by the Native American tradition of potlatch, a ritual feast in which the host destroys valuable items as a display of wealth. In Mik’s work, a group of adults are in the process of slowly and very methodically destroying a warehouse. Some of the participants engage in violent acts such as pushing over large shelving units and tearing walls apart, while others focus on a different scale of activity, emptying packets of food or obsessively destroying small and seemingly insignificant objects. Although their activity implies intensity and agitation, each participant remains detached from their own actions, as if sleepwalking.

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