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Alien nation embassy 2008 | Touchscreens, computers, LCD screens, LED screen, mixed media, digital print, wallpaper, DVD players, acrylic, plywood, MDF board and online | First commissioned by the Children’s Art Centre for ‘Contemporary Australia: Optimism’ with the support of Gina Fairfax 2008 | Courtesy: The artist and the Queensland Art Gallery | Supported by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation 2010

21st Century Kids: Tony Albert ‘Alien nation embassy’ 2008

Tony Albert’s Alien nation embassy 2008 is a multimedia interactive that invites all earthlings to become honorary citizens of the Alien Nation — but not before passing the citizenship test! This multimedia installation features two dynamic activity spaces that include a population counter, a global map that tracks new alien citizens and electronic ‘swipe’ cards for kids to access secret alien information. Play online and access exclusive citizen-only activities.

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