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The call of the wild 2006 | Touchscreens, computers, plush animals, acrylic and MDF board | First commissioned by the Children’s Art Centre for ‘The 5th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art’ 2006 | Courtesy: The artist and the Queensland Art Gallery | Supported by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation 2010 | The artist would like to acknowledge the assistance of Tammy Brennan and Mazen Murad with the sound recordings for this interactive activity.

21st Century Kids: Justine Cooper ‘The call of the wild’ 2006

The call of the wild 2006 is a touch screen interactive set in a natural history museum similar to those seen in some of Justine Cooper’s art works. The aim of the interactive is to set trapped animals free from drawers and lockers, returning them to their natural habitat. The call of the wild is presented inside an immersive installation space that replicates the collections of museums in a playful and colourful way appealing to all young Gallery visitors. Play the Justine Coopers The call of the wild Online.

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