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Camera/Editing: Ben Wickes

21st Century Artist Interview: Issac Julien

Isaac Julien is one of the most celebrated artist–filmmakers working with multi-channel video installations. He has developed a singular practice concerned with the transposition of film to spatialised installation and uses expert filmmaking and projection technologies to create new vocabularies for experiencing the moving image. In December 2010, Julien spoke with José Da Silva, Senior Curator, Australian Cinémathèque about his major installation WESTERN UNION: Small Boats 2007 featured in the ‘21st Century: Art in the First Decade’ exhibition. WESTERN UNION: Small Boats is the final work in a trilogy exploring themes of physical and spiritual expeditions that began with True North 2004 and Fantôme Afrique 2005. In each of these works, Julien utilises dual narratives and multiple perspectives across an arrangement of screens to chart the movement of bodies from one place to another, reflecting geographic and environmental journeys that are connected with the experiences of migration in a contemporary world.

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